Resident Activities


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The CHART.... below shows the path to all the committees at White Horse Village as constituted by the Residents Association and governed by Resident Council . There are a number of committees that are labeled Advisory and they work with the administration. Committees labeled Support are fund raising and sustain the Standing committees. The pictures following this section show some of our activities. 
ws116 Res Activities 3

Resident  Activities

Quilters Group

Anniversary Quilt Hanging

ws120 Res Activities 7 ws121 Res Activities 8
ws122 Res Activities 9 ws122 Res Activities 10 ws124 Res Activities 11

Resident  Activities

25th Anniversary

ws127 Res Activities 14 ws128 Res Activities 15
ws128 Res Activities 16 ws130 Res Activities 17 ws130 Res Activities 18
ws130 Res Activities 19 ws130 Res Activities 20

Resident  Activities

Bocce Tournament

ws140 Croquet 3

Resident  Activities

Croquet  Tournament





New Years’ Eve 2014-15

Wine and Cheese Time

Red for the American Heart Association