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Resident  Communications the Online Version of  White Horse Village In-house TV Station WHV TV Channel 14

Our located off the Wellness Center Lobby area near the Clubhouse Entrance


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The Residential Information page covers....Channel 14 Online Features with:

  Online Journal - The current online version of the Daily Journal

 Weekly Menu  - The current Dining Services weekly Calendar

 Program Guide  - The current monthly program listings and schedule

Our Programs on DVD.....are located in the WHV Library for your viewing


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Resident Information

Ch14 at 2pm a series of travelogues featuring Dee and Dan on their worldwide cruises and On the Road Again travelogues with Fay & How in their motorhome travels


A Sampling of our Ch14 Online Videos.... Our Monthly programs and specials are shown twice weekly. They are online via YouTube . Click on an Icon below go to the video



Dining Services Specials