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Resident Communications..... The Communication Sources tiles are outlined below in yellow (Resident Services, Computer Group & Ch1970 Online) with Information tiles for each described  at the left. Click on Source or Information tile to go to page. Click browser back arrow to return here.


Pony Express  

Resident Services

Pony Express - Weekly activities calendar  including event descriptions

Monthly  Activities Calendar - Monthly activities listed in table format

Transportation - Daily Bus Schedule, Monthly Shopping Schedule, Other Transportation Services


Channel 1970 Online

Online Journal - The current online version of the Daily Journal

Weekly Menu  - The current Dining Services weekly Meal Calendar

Alternate Menu - A selection of Soup, Entrees and Accompaniments available during Dinner


  Alternate Menu



White Horse Tales

A monthly publication - provides the community with information about residents and their activities, scheduled events and programs, with items of  general interest to and about the community   




Residence Video Tours

Video Tours  -  Walkthroughs of  all five Residence Types



Resident Info



Resident Information  -  Information on registering to receive Resident Phone Books and Members Email Address List Monthly, and access to the Resident Handbook



Residents’ Association Information

Constitution and Bylaws - of the Resident Association

Council Representatives - list with Council Officers


Residence Locator

Court Plans - shows location of residences by court with address numbers


Wellness Center Newsletter

A bi-monthly communication - helping to inform you about the programs the Wellness Center offers and educate you about health and wellness topics


Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

Information on - Why an Endowment Fund, Who manages the fund, What does the fund achieve, Resident Reserve Fund, Campus Improvement Fund, Discretionary Fund


Board of Directors

White Horse Village Board of Directors

A Slide Show with - Information on the Board based on the Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws. Includes Resident Directors and Council interactions. Presented to the residents October 2011.


Physician Schedule

Outpatient Services Physician Schedule

A monthly communication - with listings for Primary Care, Podiatry, Audiology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Psychology, Neuro-Psychology, Surgery